Robot Control Basics Course - Python

Learn various methods and techniques of modern robot control.

Robot Control Basics course

Course Summary

This course includes teaching the fundamental bases of control applied in robotics, starting from different control laws and applying different control methods to optimize the output of our systems. Using experimental results gain insights about the influence of each term within a PID controller.

What you will learn

Course Overview


An Introduction to the course

PID control

Get familiar with Proportional-Integral-Derivative PID control basics.

Independent joint control

We focus on controlling only one joint at a time, independent of the rest.

Multivariable control

Learn how to construct and analyse a multivariable dynamic system and how to design an appropriate controller for it.

Force control

Apply a desired end-effector force based on feedback from the force sensor.

Final project

Apply your knowledge with a guided project that makes use of inverse dynamics and inverse kinematics.


Christian Alberto Chávez Vásquez

Master Degree in Robotics, Automation and Home Automation and currently studying another Master Degree in Smart Cities and Smart Grids. He has worked in ROS projects with navigation, exploration, industrial robotics and artificial vision.

Christian Alberto Chávez Vásquez

Robots used

RRBot robot

RRBot robot

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