Multiple Robots Navigation in Gazebo Open Class

Open Class: Multiple Robots Navigation in Gazebo

What you will learn in this Open Class

In this Live Class, we will learn How to Launch Multiple Robots to do Robot Navigation with ROS.

But, why is so important to learn Robot Navigation?

Robot navigation means the robot's ability to determine its own position by using its odometry and then to plan a path towards some goal location. In order to navigate in its environment, the robot will require representation, which could be a map of the environment and the ability to interpret that representation.

Navigation can be defined as the combination of the three fundamental competencies:

And those aspects it's what you'll see in this class;)

But why it's important to apply to multiple robots at the same time?

Although we are accustomed to simulations with only one robot, it is understandable that in real robotics environments it will not be so, and it will be necessary to coordinate between several robots working simultaneously in the same environment

Robot Used:

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