Make Your Robot Patrol An Area Open Class

Open Class: Make Your Robot Patrol An Area

What you will learn in this Open Class

How to make a robot move around an indoor area, following a fixed path, while avoiding unexpected obstacles?

In this Live-Class, you'll learn how to create a ROS program that uses the ROS Navigation stack to make a robot patrol an area!

Patrolling means that the robot is going to move around an area making a kind of fixed path. This can be very useful for tasks of security inspection, stock analysis or cleaning spaces. In those cases, the robot usually has to move in a fixed path everyday while it is doing at the same time another task (for example, in the case of security inspection, the robot has to identify if there is an intruder, or in the case of cleaning spaces, the robot has to clean all the ground it is moving through).

In the class, we'll define a procedure to capture the main points of the trajectory that the robot has to follow. Then, we will create a ROS program that calls the ROS Navigation Stack with those points, making the robot follow them in an endless loop.

You will receive the ROSject with the robot simulation, notebook with instructions, the map of the area already done, and all the launches required to start the navigation stack for the ROSbot.

Robots used in this class:

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