How to Create Your ROSject Open Class

Open Class: How to Create Your ROSject

What you will learn in this Open Class

In this class, you will learn how to create a ROSject and all the parts that compose it. The ROSject allows you to create full ROS projects without mixing all its elements: ROS code, Gazebo simulation, documentation, datasets.

You will learn how to organise all that material into a single ROS project (a ROSject), and how to share it with your colleagues, students or teachers, so they can reproduce your results.

Why is it so important to learn this topic?

Here at the ROS Development Studio, ROSjects are the way we create our projects in an orderly manner. Establishing a separate order between a simulation, script, database, and documentation is very important when reviewing or even debugging a project.

The ability to work in a simple and orderly way and all the benefits that ROS offers us in its different branches allows us to better understand and optimize projects in various fields of robotics, such as mobile, industrial robotics, etc. And in turn, work in different fields, such as artificial intelligence, navigation, etc.

This will be one of the simplest classes, but also one of the most important as we dig into the fundamentals of ROSjects.

The robot we will be using is Panda, from FRANKA EMIKA.

REQUIREMENTS: - Basics of Linux ( - ROS Basics ( - Love for Robotics and some patience

... That's it! Let's go!

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