Fuse Sensor Data to Improve Localization Course - Python

Learn how to fuse GPS, IMU, odometry and other sources of localization.

Fuse Sensor Data to Improve Localization course

Course Summary

How can you improve the localization of your robot, when you have multiple localization sensors?

We will solve that localization problem by using the robot localization package.

On this course, you are going to work on the following scenarios:

What you will learn

Course Overview

Introduction to the Course

Unit for previewing the contents of the Course.

Merging sensor data

Learn how to use the robot_localization package to merge data from different sensors in order to improve the pose estimation for localizing your robot.

Using an external Localization system

Learn how to use the robot_localization package in combination with an AMCL system external to it.

GPS Navigation

Learn how to combine robot_localization with an external GPS source.

Mini Project

Final project, where you will have to combine everything you've learned during the course.


Alberto Ezquerro

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Alberto Ezquerro

Robots used

Husky robot

Husky robot



Turtlebot robot

Turtlebot robot

Learning Path

Group: Advanced Robot Programming with AI

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