Introduction to Gazebo Sim with ROS2 Course - Python

Learn Gazebo Sim Garden, the new generation of simulation software from Open Robotics, and how to seamlessly use it with ROS2.

Introduction to Gazebo Sim with ROS2 course

Course Summary

Accelerate your robotic projects by learning Gazebo Sim and how to connect it to ROS2! Simulations are like stepping stones to real-world success, and Gazebo Sim is the latest available version. Master this cutting-edge tool and stay up-to-date with the latest skills in this dynamic field.

What you will learn

Course Overview


This unit presents the goal and subjects you will learn in this course. In addition, it briefly introduces Gazebo Classic, Ignition Gazebo and Gazebo Sim and the motivation for using this important simulator for the robotics community.

Build a robot

This unit is about creating robots for Gazebo simulations using the URDF language. First, you will go through the necessary elements of URDF to achieve the creation of the robots.

Connect to ROS2

This unit covers ROS2-Gazebo integration, system interaction, and using plugins for robot control in simulations.

Build a World

This unit presents concepts around creating a new world in Gazebo. You will learn to create one from scratch and put different models, ground, animated objects, and actors.

Final Project

An opportunity to apply everything you have learned so far!


Girish Kumar Kannan

Aspiring Roboticist/Robotics Engineer, has a Master's degree in Computer Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics. His expertise leans towards programming and electronics, complemented by a solid understanding of mechanical systems.

Girish Kumar Kannan

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