Mastering Gazebo Sim Course - C++

Learn how to create simulations. This course is a must if you want to learn how to build worlds or robots for Gazebo Sim .

Mastering Gazebo  Sim course

Course Summary

Would you like to build your own Gazebo simulations and robots?

"Mastering Gazebo Simulator" course teaches how to build robotics simulations using Gazebo and connect it to your ROS environment. This course is a must if you want to learn how to build Gazebo worlds, models or robots. You will learn the essential, follow examples and practice by using the official references of Gazebo.

What you will learn

Course Overview

Gazebo Introduction

Learn how to work with Gazebo GUI and how to launch it connected to a ROS environment

Build a robot

Learn how to build a robot for Gazebo simulations using URDF

Connect to ROS

Learn how to connect a Gazebo robot to ROS

Build Gazebo Worlds

Learn how to create a custom gazebo world and models

Writing Gazebo Plugins

Learn how to create Gazebo plugins

Final Project

Final Project


Marco Arruda

Connecting Robots and Web. Passionate about learning/teaching.

Marco Arruda

Robots used

Learning Path


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