Robot Fleet Management in ROS2 Course - Python

Learn how to set up a robot fleet and manage it with the RMF infrastructure.

Robot Fleet Management in ROS2 course

Course Summary

Managing fleets of robots is tough work. That's why having a high-level API for managing fleets of different robots and systems is key.

RMF allows you to do that.

It gives you the tools to: * Manage different fleets of robots * Assign tasks to the robot best suited for the job based on criteria like the type of robot and the time spent doing that task or battery level. * Integrate already existing robot systems through API calls and ros2 topics. * Integrate non-robot systems like doors, lifts, and humans.

What you will learn

Course Overview

Introduction to fleet management

Understand what fleet management entails and why it is required

Creation of environment with RMF traffic-editor and manually

Learn how to create the maps used by the RMF planner and use those same maps to autogenerate Gazebo simulations. You will also learn how to integrate already existing simulations into RMF

Simple RMF setup without navigation

Learn the basics of how RMF works using robots that move without navigation.

Custom Fleet Adapter with Template

Learn how to create a custom adapter using the template given by the RMF creators

Default Tasks: Loop, Deliver and charge

Learn how to ask your robots to patrole between two points and deliver an object to a certain location. Also learn the basic mechanism of returning to the charging point using RMF automatic structure.

Custom Task

Learn how to create a custom task

Human interface for RMF

Learn how to create a GUI so that a human can interact with RMF systems to tell when a robot has been loaded with an object and when a robot has delivered that same object.

Interaction With Other Systems

Learn how to use a robot arm as dispenser and a human as an ingestor


Learn how to integrate doors


Learn how to integrate elevators and multilevel environments

Custom rmf-panel-js

Learn how the Open-RMF API Server works

RMF Map Tranforms

Learn how to use refference points for tranforming RMF refference system to Simulation reference system


In development


Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Crashing engineering problems. Building solutions.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Working with Real robots is my thing

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Robots used

barista robot

barista robot

dummy_barista robot

dummy_barista robot

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