ROS Manipulation in 5 Days Course - Python

Learn how to make your manipulator interact with the environment using ROS

ROS Manipulation in 5 Days course

Course Summary

ROS Manipulation is the term used to refer to any robot that manipulates something in its environment.

The main goal of this Course is to teach you the basic tools you need to know in order to be able to understand how ROS Manipulation works, and teach you how to implement it for any manipulator robot.

What you will learn

At the end of this Course you will feel comfortable about the following subjects:

  1. Basics of ROS Manipulation
  2. How to create and configure a MoveIt! package for a manipulator robot
  3. How to perform Motion Planning.
  4. How to perform Grasping.

Course Overview

Introduction to the Course

A brief introduction to the contents of the Course. Includes a demo.

Basic Concepts

Some basic concepts you need to know in order to complete the Course.

Motion Planning using Graphical Interfaces Part 1

How to build a MoveIt package for your Manipulator robot.

Motion Planning using Graphical Interfaces Part 2

Add Perception to your MoveIt package

Perform Motion Planning programmatically

How to perform Motion Planning with code (Python)


How to perform a basic pick and place task.


A Project to test what you've learned.


Alberto Ezquerro

Making easier the way the people learn how to program robots.

Alberto Ezquerro

Robots used

Fetch robot

Fetch robot



Shadow hand robot

Shadow hand robot

UR3 robot

UR3 robot

Learning Path

ROS for Industrial robots

ROS for Industrial robots


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