ROS2 Industrial Ready Master Part 1 Course - Python

Learn all the topics of ROS2 required to program robots with ROS2 for industrial-collaborative environments.

ROS2 Industrial Ready Master Part 1 course

Course Summary

Interested in learning how to program collaborative robots with ROS2, but don’t know where to get started?

This course will take you quickly and smoothly into all ROS2 elements you need to know to program such robots with ROS2. You will learn the essential concepts and tools to be able to understand and create any basic ROS 2 industrial related projects, including navigation and arm grasping.

What you will learn

Course Overview

Introduction to the Course

A brief introduction to the contents of the course. It contains a practical demo.

ROS2 Basic Concepts

Basic ROS2 concepts: packages, nodes, compilation, launch files, etc...

Understanding ROS2 Topics

What are topics, publishers, subscribers, topic messages (interfaces) and how they work in ROS2

Debugging Tools

How to manage log messages in ROS2. Also, learn how to launch and use RViz2 and how to use the new ros2 doctor tool.

Understanding DDS

Understand what is DDS , how to change it and how to work with QoS

Understanding ROS2 Services

What is a ROS2 Service? How to manage services in a robot and how to call a service.

Managing Complex Nodes

Learn how to manage multithreading in ROS2 and why you need it

Understanding QoS

Understand how QoS are used in ROS2 with basic simple examples

Understanding Launch Files in ROS2

Understand launch files

Understanding ROS2 Actions

What is a ROS2 Action, how to manage actions in a robot and how to call an Action Server.

Nav2 Mapping

How a robot can make a map of the environment

Nav2 Localization

How to make a robot localize in an environment using ROS2

Nav2 Path Planning

How to make a robot move from one location to another using ROS2

Nav2 Obstacle Avoidance

How to add costmaps to navigation to avoid obstacles while moving

Extra Unit: ROS2 Parameters

How to work with Parameters in ROS2.

EXTRA: Lifecycle Nodes

How managed nodes work in deep

EXTRA: Nav2 Behavior Trees

How to create behavior trees for the bt_navigator

EXTRA: Nav2 Plugins

Learn Plaugin basics for Nav2 and how to create your own

EXTRA: Nav2 New Features

EXTRA: Nav2 New Features

EXTRA: Controller Server In Deep

Understand the different plugins and plugins options available for the controller server


Ricardo Tellez

Dreaming of a world where robots actually understand what they are doing. Developing the definitive tool that will make it happen.

Ricardo Tellez

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Crashing engineering problems. Building solutions.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Alberto Ezquerro

Making easier the way the people learn how to program robots.

Alberto Ezquerro

Robots used

Neobotix MPO-500 robot

Neobotix MPO-500 robot

UR3 robot

UR3 robot

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