ROS2 Manipulation Basics Course - Python

Learn the ROS 2 manipulation essentials. Learn how to use MoveIt in ROS 2 and use perception for grasping.

ROS2 Manipulation Basics course

Course Summary

With ROS2 quickly becoming the standard for robotics and overcoming ROS1, it’s time to learn how to work with a robot arm in ROS2 systems. But it’s also essential to understand the current way of working because, in the short term, you will have to work with hybrid systems that use both ROS1 and ROS2. This is especially true in hardware ROS-enabled systems, which won’t be updated to ROS2 at least in a few years or even never if they are already in production and public use.

This course teaches the basics of having a robot arm up and running, moving around, and grasping objects using perception ROS 2.

What you will learn

Course Overview

ROS2 Manipulation Demo

A brief introduction to the Course. It contains a practical Demo of the course.

ROS2 Manipulation Moveit

Learn how to create a Moveit2 package for your own robot.

ROS2 Manipulation Perception

Learn how to perform Object Detection with ROS2.

ROS2 Motion Planning

Learn how to use the Move Group C++ Interface to interact with your manipulator robot.

Cartesian Paths & Kinematics Plugin

Learn how to perform Cartesian Path Planning

ROS2 Manipulation Project

Project to apply what you you have learned during the course.


Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Crashing engineering problems. Building solutions.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Alberto Ezquerro

Making easier the way the people learn how to program robots.

Alberto Ezquerro

Robots used

Clarkson Open Manipulator robot

Clarkson Open Manipulator robot

UR3 robot

UR3 robot

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