ROS2 Manipulation Basics Course - C++

Learn the ROS2 manipulation essentials. Learn how to configure and use MoveIt2 for controlling manipulator robots.

ROS2 Manipulation Basics course

Course Summary

In robotics, manipulation refers to the process in which a robot interacts with objects in its environment. This involves physically altering or manipulating items, such as moving them from their initial position to a new one. The primary objective of this course is to provide you with essential tools to understand the principles of manipulation in ROS2. You will learn the fundamentals necessary to comprehend how manipulation works and gain the skills to implement it for any manipulator robot.

What you will learn

Course Overview

ROS2 Manipulation Demo

A brief introduction to the Course. It contains a practical Demo of the course.

Create a MoveIt2 configuration package

Learn how to create and configure a Moveit2 configuration package for your manipulator robot.

ROS2 Motion Planning with C++

Learn how to use the Move Group C++ Interface to interact with your manipulator robot in order to generate complex motions.

Cartesian Paths & Kinematics Plugin

Learn how to perform Cartesian Path Planning

Object Detection with ROS2

Learn how to perform Object Detection with ROS2 in order to pick objects with a manipultor robot.


Robots used

UR3 robot

UR3 robot

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