ROS2 Navigation Course - Python

Learn how make robots autonomously navigate using Nav2

ROS2 Navigation course

Course Summary

This course teaches how to use the Nav2 package of ROS2 to make a robot autonomously navigate. You will understand how all the parts work together so you can adapt it to your own robot

What you will learn

How to build a map of the environment Localizing a robot in a map of the environment Path Planning from an initial position to a desired goal Obstacle avoidance using costmaps Navigation Lifecycle Manager How behavior trees influence Nav2 How to do multiple robot navigation

Course Overview

Introduction to ROS2-Navigation

How robots Navigate? Different components of the Nav2 packages

How to build a map

Learn how to build a map for navigation

How to localize the robot in the environment

How to do localization in ROS2 using AMCL

How to do Path Planning in ROS2

About the Nav2 planner, controller and bt-navigator

How Obstacle Avoidance happens in ROS2

How to make Nav2 avoid static and dynamic obstacles.

Multi-robot Navigation

How to configure navigation for muiltirobot environments


Robots used

Learning Path


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